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Hardworking Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Hold Employers Responsible for Not Accommodating the Disabled

Accommodations for qualified employees with disabilities

Under the law, an employee may not be discriminated against because of a disability. Both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) require employers to make reasonable accommodations for qualified employees with mental or physical disabilities, unless it would result in undue hardship. The ADA further requires employers to engage in an interactive process with an employee after a request is made to identify possible accommodations.

At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles, we ensure that all qualified employees and applicants are treated fairly under the law and have access to the necessary modifications to enter the workplace or perform their essential job duties. Through passionate, articulate and skilled representation, we hold employers liable for disability discrimination and help disabled individuals obtain reasonable accommodations that include:

  • Modification of existing facilities so they are accessible
  • Job restructuring
  • Permission to work part time or on a modified work schedule
  • Acquisition or modification of equipment
  • Amendment of tests, training materials or policies
  • Provision of qualified readers or interpreters
  • Reassignment to a vacant position

Failure to provide convenient handicapped access

The validity of a request for handicapped access is decided on a case-by-case basis. However, the ADA requires that most buildings be handicapped-accessible when possible. In addition, work areas should be designed and constructed for individuals with disabilities to approach, enter and exit. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we ensure that employees and applicants with disabilities obtain reasonable access, including wheelchair ramps and accessible parking.

Failures to accommodate necessary doctors’ visits and appointments

To be considered disabled and eligible for employee accommodations in California, an individual must have an impairment that limits a major life activity. While impairments are generally permanent, some temporary disabilities also qualify. For example, employers may not discriminate against an employee for pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition. Businesses must also make accommodations for necessary doctors’ appointments and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leaves of absence.

Regardless of the disability or medical condition, an employer can request reasonable documentation of doctors’ appointments and may refuse an employee if these records are not provided. If your employer in Los Angeles or throughout California declines your request for necessary medical treatment, our employment lawyers help you gather and preserve evidence to build a strong case and obtain compensation and other appropriate restitution.

Helping employees with disabilities or medical conditions obtain the accommodations they need

When you are dealing with a disability, medical condition or pregnancy, you should not face an uncooperative or discriminating employer. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we help ensure that proper accommodations are in place for you. For a free initial consultation at our Los Angeles firm, contact us online or call (310) 979-7080 today. There are no fees until we win.