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Committed Los Angeles Advocates Handle Complicated Workplace Harassment Cases

Experienced California anti-discrimination attorneys go after persistent harassers

At the Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles, our employment attorneys work hard to obtain justice for victims of workplace sexual harassment. We empower clients by holding harassers liable, obtaining compensation for harm suffered and helping to end abuse. Our lawyers utilize decades of experience to handle each aspect of a case, starting with filing a claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Respected employment law firm represents victims of all types of workplace harassment

California law prohibits sexual harassment, gender harassment and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions. Thanks to several high-profile cases and cultural developments, tolerance for sexual harassment is lower than ever. People are more willing to speak about and fight back against inappropriate behavior and to support others who do the same.

Sexual harassment in the workplace may take many forms but is usually grouped into two major types.

Quid pro quo harassment occurs when an employer offers benefits for sexual favors or creates an appearance that higher pay, favorable working conditions or other employment benefits are contingent on an employee’s acceptance of sexual advances.

Hostile workplace harassment is pattern of harassing behavior severe or pervasive enough that an employee cannot reasonably perform his or her job. A hostile work environment can be manifested by many forms of conduct, such as:

Harassment can also take the shape of gender pay discrimination. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) makes it illegal for any employer to make hiring, training, promotion, compensation or firing decisions based on gender, sexual orientation or marital status, among other qualities.

When you hire our team, we will immediately set out to build a solid case on your behalf. We conduct detailed investigations, examine evidence and represent you in meetings, negotiations and hearings.

Astute counsel seeks federal and state remedies for sexual harassment

Both federal and state law prohibit quid pro quo and hostile workplace sexual harassment in most companies. The federal statute is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which applies to employers with 15 or more employees and is enforced by the EEOC. The California state law, the FEHA, is enforced by the DFEH. You have 300 days to file a complaint with the EEOC. California recently extended the time permitted to file a complaint with DFEH to three years and outlawed mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment cases. As your attorneys, we will help you acquire the evidence you need, file a complaint with the appropriate agency, keep tabs on its investigation and enforcement actions and, if necessary, pursue a lawsuit to enforce your rights.

Why you should come forward when you are sexually harassed

Sexual harassment has long been a serious problem for California workers. It is particularly severe for women, gays and lesbians and foreign-born men, who are far more likely to be harassed than their male, straight and native-born peers, respectively. In the past, fear of retaliation has unfortunately been an impediment to coming forward and challenging sexual harassment in the workplace. In the present day, the “me too” movement has helped bring the problem out into the open and has created a more conducive environment to make complaints. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, we are ready to fight for you to stop the conduct, win you compensation for its effects and prevent retaliation against you for having made a complaint.

Fighting remote harassment in the virtual workplace

Even working remotely can’t make you safe from sexual harassment. You might still be a victim if a boss or co-worker:

  • Sends you a sexually suggestive or explicit email or text
  • Subjects you to inappropriate language, sexual gestures, threats, intimidation or humiliation in a telephone call or virtual conference
  • Cyberstalks you

If you are subjected to the foregoing or any conduct of a similar nature that makes you uncomfortable, we can advise whether it amounts to sexual harassment and help you fight against it.

Contact trusted Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers for a free consultation

If you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances at work in California, the attorneys at The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles, can help you fight back. To schedule your free initial consultation, call us at (310) 979-7080 or contact us online.