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Los Angeles Harassment Attorneys Representing Employees In Quid Pro Quo Cases

Assisting victims of quid pro quo harassment in California

There are two main types of sexual harassment in California: hostile work environment harassment and quid pro quo harassment. In quid pro quo harassment, a manager or another employee, often in a position of authority, offers to give an employee something in return for the employee’s satisfaction of a sexual demand.

Whether you are hired or fired, receive a raise or promotion or obtain another type of employment benefit should never depend on whether you agree to provide sexual favors. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, our attorneys are committed to stopping unjust work conditions and protecting the rights of employees throughout California.

What constitutes quid pro quo harassment?

To sue for quid pro quo harassment, a victim must show that these key elements were present:

  • The victim was subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature
  • It was either explicit or implicit that a term or condition of employment was dependent on submission to this conduct
  • Whether the victim submitted or rejected the conduct was actually the basis for an employment decision
  • The harasser was a superior or agent of an employer or the employer should have known of the conduct and failed to take corrective action

Types of sexual favors and bribes that are common in the workplace

Our highly qualified Los Angeles-based lawyers are dedicated to helping you understand your rights and options under the law in sexual harassment cases. We’re committed to obtaining justice for you when you’ve been subjected to demands for any types of sexual favors or bribes in the workplace or any forms of sexual harassment, including the following:

  • A request or demand for sexual favors that occurs once or regularly
  • Hiring, refusing to hire or firing based on victim’s response to sexual advances or requests
  • Promotion or denial of promotion based on victim’s willingness to exchange sexual favors
  • Demands or offers by superiors as well as by employees when an employer knew or should have known of the conduct and failed to take corrective action
  • Negative performance evaluations, termination or other retaliation after a victim refuses to grant sexual favors
  • Privately made bribes with no witnesses

In addition to holding parties accountable for bribes, hints, offers and demands for sexual favors, we provide strong, aggressive representation for you when threatening or intimidating behavior by a fellow employee or superior constitutes sexual harassment.

Skilled Los Angeles attorneys offering the support employees need after harassment in the workplace

The experienced and respected lawyers of The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC put their resources and dedication to work for you when you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment. For a free, no-obligation initial consultation with an attorney today, contact our firm online or call (310) 979-7080. There are no fees until we achieve a resolution for you.