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Protecting Employees from Leering, Sexual Gestures and Staring in the Workplace

Los Angeles attorneys protect your right to be free of sexually offensive behavior

Any sexual gesture that creates a hostile work environment is considered sexual harassment.  In many cases, the person being harassed is not the only one harmed. Other co-workers who are of the same protected status may also suffer because of this inappropriate behavior. If you’ve been subjected to unwanted sexual gestures or staring at work, you can take steps to stop it — and we can help. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we represent employees in Los Angeles and around the state who’ve suffered sexual harassment in the form of gestures, leering or other kinds of staring and are committed to protecting all employees who are harmed by this harassing conduct.

When gestures and stares constitute sexual harassment in Los Angeles

While not all gestures or stares are meant to be sexual, some are very clearly inappropriate. Leering, which is a sly, lascivious look or sideways glance suggesting a sexual interest or malicious intent, is an unwelcome and persistent kind of staring that constitutes harassment. Harassment also includes unwelcome, persistent sexual gestures of other kinds whose suggestive nature is clear.

At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we represent clients who’ve been subjected to all types of physically harassing conduct:

  • Leering and staring suggestively
  • Looking a co-worker up and down suggestively
  • Making lewd gestures or obscene, suggestive body movements
  • Impeding or blocking movements, even without touching, or standing too close
  • Following co-workers around
  • Wolf whistles and catcalls

We can put a stop to these inappropriate actions

Even when no physical touching occurs, sexual gestures and leering and staring should not be tolerated. If you have made it known that these gestures are unwelcome and reported the conduct to your employer but the harassment continues and the employer fails to take immediate corrective action, it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we take quick and aggressive action to build a case for sexual harassment when unwelcome and severe, widespread or persistent sexual gestures and leering create an intimidating, hostile or offensive workplace for you. We are highly experienced with all resolution methods, including filing harassment claims with administrative agencies, negotiating or mediating a fair resolution and aggressively litigating your case in court. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to seek:

  • Remedies to make you whole, including back or front pay, reinstatement or transfer
  • Compensatory damages for emotional and physical distress
  • Punitive damages to punish egregious behavior by employers
  • Administrative fines in FEHC cases
  • Requiring your employer to implement workplace policies, conduct training or provide employee counseling
  • Injunctive relief to stop harassing conduct

Contact experienced Los Angeles attorneys who act quickly to protect you from harassment

At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC,  we are the lawyers whom employees throughout Los Angeles turn to for help resolving sexual harassment claims in the workplace. We provide services on a contingency fee basis, so there are no fees until we win, and initial consultations are always free. To learn more, contact us online or call (310) 979-7080 today.