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Verdicts & Settlements

Ken Ruttenberg has had a proven track record of success in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment litigation matters. Set forth below is a list of results in recent cases where Ken represented the plaintiff in an employment case. Remember, a history of success is the best predictor of future success. These cases are provided to demonstrate our experience and some of Ken’s accomplishments. But every case is different, and the results depend upon the unique facts of each case.

Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Assault and Retaliation Following Complaint – $350,000
  • Retaliation Following Complaint of Sexual Harassment – $425,000
  • Represented former employee of manufacturing company who was subjected to sexual harassment by her immediate supervisor, including groping, fondling and other sexual conduct.  We settled this case at private mediation for $313,000.
  • Represented former employee of Orange County construction company who was subjected to sexual advances and inappropriate comments by owner.  Case settled for $350,000 before filing of any lawsuit.
  • Represented former employee of clothing company who was subjected to same-sex harassment (female-female).  Our client was forced to engage in sexual activities as a condition to her continued employment.  She was also misclassified by her former employer as an independent contractor, and was denied overtime compensation and meal and rest breaks.  Through our aggressive representation, we settled this case for $250,000 without the necessity of a lawsuit.
  • Represented employee of international broadcasting company who was terminated after complaining of sexual advances and inappropriate conduct by her immediate supervisor (same-sex harassment).  We settled this case for $250,000 in a private mediation without having to file a lawsuit.
  • Represented client in connection with claims of same-sex harassment, physical assault, and constructive termination against media services company.  Case settled for $1.5 million.


  • Discrimination Based on Employee’s National Origin -$375,000.
  • Represented former employee of national escrow company who was terminated while on disability leave.  We filed suit for disability discrimination and failure to accommodate.  Shortly before trial, we achieved a settlement of $200,000.

Wrongful Termination

  • Represented former employee who was wrongfully terminated from her employment following complaints that employer failed to properly calculate her commissions in breach of her employment contract.  We settled the case for $1,750,000 before filing suit.
  • Represented former employee of a non-profit foundation who was wrongfully terminated after complaining that employer was engaging in unlawful conduct.  We achieved a settlement for $550,000 shortly before trial.
  • Represented former employee of engineering consulting firm who was terminated for refusing to continue a romantic relationship with her supervisor, who was the vice president of the firm.  We settled this case during a private mediation for $275,000 without having to file a lawsuit.

Unfit Conditions

  • Represented nurses in a class action against hospital for failing to provide meal and rest breaks and overtime wages.  Case settled for more than $1.5 million.