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Los Angeles Harassment Attorneys Help You Draw the Line

Dealing with sexually suggestive objects, pictures and websites at work

Inappropriate and offensive content on websites, videos and social media has made the problem of harassment in the workplace an even greater concern in the digital age. Employers should never condone inappropriate visual conduct nor allow it to create an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment, but when they do, our lawyers at The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles are dedicated to helping you find relief. Our experienced attorneys, respected by judges and peers alike, provide aggressive assistance for victims of all types of sexual harassment.

Types of harassing photos, videos and visual conduct

There are many kinds of inappropriate visual and written images and objects that can create a harassing work environment and greatly harm the employees subjected to it. These can include posting explicit or offensive videos on YouTube, posting images and foul comments on social media and even sexting. Our lawyers fight to end all types of offensive visual content of a sexual nature, such as:

  • Sharing or displaying inappropriate photographs, images, drawings, cartoons or posters on a desk, as a computer background, via email or anywhere in the workplace
  • Sending, displaying or sharing sexually explicit pictures or video by phone
  • Displaying sexual objects that another may find offensive

If you are the target of these types of images and language, you don’t need to accept it. The nature of this misconduct often makes it possible to obtain clear, graphic evidence to bolster your complaint. We can advise you on how to preserve evidence of sexually suggestive objects, images, emails and websites that have been directed at you and to use them to build a case for sexual harassment.

How to know when normal conduct oversteps boundaries

It is not always clear when sharing inappropriate images becomes sexual harassment. An employee might exchange or display images without realizing that they may be offensive or might intend to share an image only with a like-minded co-worker. However, if a co-worker goes out of their way to give, send or draw your attention to sexually suggestive images, it may constitute sexual harassment. Even the private sharing of such images could contribute to a sexually hostile workplace it is repeated or persistent and becomes known to other employees.

If you believe any of your colleagues are exchanging or displaying inappropriate images, we will review your situation and advise you on whether it qualifies as sexual harassment and, if it does, take the steps necessary to bring it to a halt and to seek compensation for any damages you suffered.

Contact reliable Los Angeles lawyers to help stop sexual harassment in your workplace

Dealing with inappropriate photos, videos and other types of visual conduct can make the workplace unbearable, especially when it is directed at you. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles, we strive to help clients end such harassment. We offer our high-quality services on a contingency fee basis — you pay no fees until we resolve your case. To learn how our lawyers may be able to assist in your claim, contact us online or call (310) 979-7080 for a free initial consultation.