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Diligent and Aggressive Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA Help Stalking Victims

Providing the support clients need to fight harassment at work

While all forms of harassment in the workplace are distressing to the victim, stalking is especially frightening. Stalking is considered a crime, whether it takes place at home, in the workplace, or in another venue. If you are being stalked, whether physically or through digital means, you probably feel trapped. But don’t lose hope. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, our philosophy is that no one should have to tolerate stalking. With the skills and connections we have individually built for nearly 20 years in the Los Angeles legal community, we take immediate, aggressive action to put an end to workplace harassment and obtain the relief you need — and the justice you deserve.

Stalking and “peeping” claims in Los Angeles

Under California law, stalking occurs when a person willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows — or willfully and maliciously harasses — another person. To be a stalker, a person must make a credible threat that places potential victims in reasonable fear for their safety or the  safety of their immediate families. At the Los Angeles firm of The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC, we help victims overcome both physical and digital stalking. Stalking can take the following forms:

  • Following a person
    • Following in the general sense
    • Specifically following a person home
    • Specifically following a person to work
  • Peeping
  • Making harassing phone calls
  • Leaving written messages or objects
  • Vandalizing a victim’s property
  • Stalking online and via other electronic venues

Peeping, formerly carried out only in person, is now also undertaken via the following:

    • Smartphone videos
    • Digital cameras
  • Webcams
  • Security cameras

Persistent phone calls and digital stalking

Today, in addition to physical stalking, employees fall prey to digital stalking. This can involve harassing or stalking phone calls that are manipulative, threatening, or lewd. Additionally, cyberstalking — which involves the use of the Internet or other electronic equipment — takes the form of persistent verbal messages that are typed, texted or spoken. It also includes uninvited video and picture messages and Website links.

Contact sexual harassment lawyers with the experience to obtain results at our Los Angeles firm

Few types of harassment are as frightening and overwhelming as stalking. At The Ruttenberg Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles, we work hard to put an end to the stalking so you can move on with your job — and your life. We provide you with our services at no cost until we reach a verdict or settlement. To come in for a free initial consultation, contact us online or call (310) 979-7080 today.