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Should You Deal with Sexual Harassment on Your Own?

Not all instances of sexual harassment involve physical contact. In fact, many forms of sexual harassment are subtle actions or communications that occur consistently over a certain period of time. If you believe you are the victim of any type of sexual harassment, you may be inclined to handle the situation yourself. However, for both safety and legal reasons, it is in your best interest to seek professional help.

Protecting your safety — and your rights

The following are just a few of the many reasons why you should avoid resolving a sexual harassment issue on your own:

  • The person harassing you may become violent — You can and should request firmly and clearly that your harasser stop the behavior that is bothering you. If the person refuses to stop, speak with your boss and, ultimately, an employment lawyer. Do not attempt to retaliate against your harasser in any other way — some individuals may become angry, disruptive and even violent.
  • You may damage your legal case — It is normal for you to feel angry, disgusted and frustrated as the victim of sexual harassment. While your instinct may be to confront your abuser, doing so may harm your chances of filing a successful lawsuit. Instead, you should consult with a skilled attorney.
  • Navigating employment law can be tricky — Unless you have a background in law, understanding employment law and the statutes governing sexual harassment in California can be time-consuming and stressful.

Being the victim of sexual harassment can make you feel helpless and depressed. However, sexual harassment cases are taken very seriously in the state of California. By contacting a knowledgeable employment law attorney, you can find out if your case has merit and what steps you need to take to file a lawsuit.

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