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Some Facts About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Despite the popular belief, many forms of sexual harassment do not involve any form of physical contact or blatant sexual advances. One way employers may be able to reduce or possibly prevent sexual harassment in the workplace is by offering up-to-date information and training on what does and does not constitute such harassment. The following… Read More »

Should You Deal with Sexual Harassment on Your Own?

Not all instances of sexual harassment involve physical contact. In fact, many forms of sexual harassment are subtle actions or communications that occur consistently over a certain period of time. If you believe you are the victim of any type of sexual harassment, you may be inclined to handle the situation yourself. However, for both… Read More »

Sexual Harassment Through Social Media Sites and Texting

In the last decade or so, technology and social media sites have made the world a much smaller place. Nowadays, it seems that everyone is connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media. If you are like most people, when you hear the phrase sexual harassment, your mind doesn’t conjure up images… Read More »

When Police Commit Sexual Harassment

Lori Matula, a community service officer in the Des Plaines, Illinois Police Department, filed a lawsuit against the department claiming sexual harassment, retaliation and gender discrimination. Matula claims police staff sent pornographic emails and naked pictures from their workstations to her computer and a former sergeant allegedly led her into the staff locker room and… Read More »

Sexual Desire Is No Longer a Necessary Element of a California Sexual Harassment Claim

In August 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 292, strengthening the rights of sexual harassment victims. Equally important, the law clarifies a legal question that emerged from a 2011 California Court of appeals case — whether sexually harassing conduct under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) needs to be motivated by… Read More »

Philosophical Sexual Harassment

Gender discrimination against women in the field of philosophy is one point of concern. Women comprise less than 20 percent of university philosophy faculty members — less than in any other humanities field. Women also contribute a fraction of citations in leading scholarly publications. Sexual harassment in philosophy is of greater concern. The resignation of… Read More »

Record Producer Accused of Sexual Harassment of Interns

Two former employees of a Los Angeles-based record label have sued their former employer on multiple grounds, including sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Tomas Cookman, founder and CEO of music label Nacional Records, is accused of frequently making sexually suggestive remarks to Claudia Becerra and Montserrat Perez, sending them emails containing pornographic images, making sexual… Read More »

Bob Filner, the Rule of Law and Due Process

Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, has been the subject of recent allegations that he sexually harassed numerous female employees and made unwanted sexual advances towards other women. Filner, who forged a reputation throughout his political career for championing the rights of women and minorities, denies the allegations and continues to hold office despite the… Read More »

Sexual Harassment as a Workplace Equalizer

A recent study published by the American Sociological Review on sexual harassment in the workplace has found that female supervisors are more likely than low-grade female employees to be victims of sexual harassment. In reaching this view, the authors of the study concluded that gender plays a major role in determining workplace relations, in addition… Read More »